The Joy of Hammock Chairs

Business marketing depends on the 4 type of “Ps”, that are as the price, product, place & promotion; they play a crucial role in the business activities. Advertising is an important concept in business activities; it helps to communicate with the existing & the new customers as well. It is a non-personal mode of communicating with customers and it is different from the other business related promotional activities.  You can interact with a wider range of your clients via this communication medium as compared to the others. You need to identify the target market segment to have an effective communication. According to the socio-economical factors of that target segment, you have to plan accordingly for the promotional component.

Benefits for company:
We can say advertising plays the role of an intermediary between the customer and company. It is a bridge between the producer and the end user. Through effective advertising, the wholesalers, retailers and everyone in the chain get benefited. This immediate benefit is helpful in getting high sales volume and revenues.  Once the sales increases, subsequently the earning of company also increases & the operational cycle reduces. This way it improves the performance & throughput of the organization. The organization/company can pay the stake holders dividend.  Hence, they gain the confidence of their stakeholders.

Benefits for the clients:
Customers also get lot of benefits from an effective advertising process in business or non-business terms.  A well-designed advertisement helps a lot in developing an interest in the target clients about the product & services of that company; in this way the sales volume also increases.  After that, the companies can plan to enhance the production level & start to produce & deliver more than before.  As the production level of the company increases, it reduces the cost of that product; this is an important advantage for the end users. In addition to that, an effective advertisement helps you to know about the existing product or service.

Other benefits:
Advertising makes the task simpler, less complex and easy to understand for the marketing people also.  Once the product gains popularity through the advertisement, a marketing executive will not face problem to introduce the product.  They have some other benefits given below:

• As the marketing executive now has a direct contact with the market, they can easily rate the advertisement and they can communicate directly to the management; in this way their performance level increases.
• The advertisement makes the introduction of product easier.

Alex Wu operates a free ads website that lets people advertise, build groups, and connect. He hopes to create an active environment for businesses to place their web advertising.

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