Modern, Versatile Velvet

Velvet. Just the name brings to mind buttons with inset mother of pearl, and frilly lacy collars and sleeves. The average person likely thinks of this stiff, soft-textured fabric as one only worn by women and used for little else than formal gowns with floor-length skirts. They might even think of it as more of an upholstery fabric, best kept on curtains, pillows and furniture rather than adorning the human figure at all. Velvet is more versatile than that, though, and with the way that trends are going, men and women alike are soon going to be sporting it much more often.

Nothing says “classic elegance” like velvet, especially when paired with tried and true jewelry styles such as pearls and broaches. It is known for being dark and sleek, and generally comes in deep, lush colors like crimson, violet, navy blue and hunter green. Because it is dark, wearing it can be slimming to your figure; it smooths over problem areas while at the same time the added shimmer of the soft plush surface accentuates the curves of the body in just the right places. On top of that, velvet is very touchable; don’t be surprised if wearing it earns you more hugs!

The associations with plush velvety fabrics and formal gowns aren’t a bad thing; it does do extremely well at creating an image of elegance and rich, polished finery to anyone wearing it. However, you shouldn’t limit yourself to only wearing such fabrics for formal occasions. In today’s modern fashion age, velvet is fast becoming popular as the material for mid and short length dresses. The timeless “little black dress” that every woman should have in her closet does just as well in a velvety fabric. Jackets, too, work well in velvet–whether it’s the entire jacket shell or just the collar that has that soft sheen and crushed pile, it’s bound to draw somebody’s eye when they look at you.

In addition to looking great, it feels great to wear such a soft, plush material. It is an excellent choice for your sportswear; try velvet shorts for jogging, leotards for gymnastics and catsuits for dancing, and you’ll wonder how you ever did without it! As with any rich material, you have to be careful not to overdo it.That touchable plush texture adds interest to an outfit even in small amounts. Try mixing and matching textures to draw the eye; wear a velvety scarf with a leather jacket, or velvety boots with a silk skirt. Shoes and boots are a great way to add just a little of that texture without going overkill. Take a look at what is available in velvet online. You won’t be disappointed.

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