The Healthiest Children on the Planet

With growing knowledge, research, and acceptance of the public about the benefits of natural health care, we are learning that the healthiest children on the planet are not the ones that rely on medication or the ones who are raised with bad lifestyle and development habits.

A healthy child starts with parenting. Parents should consciously ensure that their child’s body is functioning normally throughout the growing years and do not wait until last minute to be concerned about their child’s health.

Parenting Strategies
Symptoms account for a maximum of 10% of how our body’s work. The parents that use a primary health strategy of taking care of their children by what symptoms they have, find themselves constantly living life by putting out fires. This is because their children are never truly healthy.

On the other hand, the parents that use a primary health strategy of playing ahead of the game and ensuring that their children have a proper working nervous system and body find their children sick less often, have fewer symptoms, are healthier, happier, and more capable physically and mentally.

I constantly teach this health philosophy because it works. It is so rewarding when I consistently see my patients (adults and children) report back to me of how they live life of higher quality since being under Chiropractic care. They have less pain, get fewer flu and colds, breath and digest better, go to the toilet easier, are less depressed, sleep better, have more energy, are happier people, and much more than this.

Proper Nerve Function
It’s important for people to learn that without proper function of their nervous system to run their body at the levels needed, they will be walking down an unhealthy path. When nerve supply cannot get through to the body (90% of the time you cannot feel this), no amount of stretches, exercises, or pills can help; you are still left with improper nerve supply to the body and dysfunction.

With present technology, Chiropractors can inform you of where you have improper nerve function, whether you feel it or not. As a result, Chiropractic care becomes very effective in changing health problems that may have been plaguing a person for years.

Optimal Health = Optimum Function

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