Science Creation and the Bible

Why is there so much emphasis put in arguments of how the world began? Does it truly affect our daily lives, beyond the fact that it happened? Most likely the reasoning is that this is the foundation for all belief and the basis for all science. The ancients that put together the Book that we call the Holy Bible understood its place, as did God, placing it in the first page, for good reason.

The explanation of creation, God knew, would consume the thoughts of the rational beings of this world. People would always wonder where they came from, why they became, and who is responsible for their being. Indeed, study after study still explores the origin of man. The complete understanding of how it all began still eludes modern science. Huge amounts of money spent in attempts of proving the “truth” continue, although largely unfruitful. The explanation of creation is perfect at the beginning of the Bible, and it is explained at a time that no human being had knowledge of the science that explains the functions of the world. Could these ancients understand what they are writing?

The fact that this explanation is at a time that mankind has limits to scientific knowledge is important. Where is this knowledge from? The science found in the first page of the Bible is undeniable, though simple. Mankind did not understand most physics further than catapults or biology except how it applies to reproduction. They did not understand thermodynamics, gravity, photosynthesis, or the Earth’s atmosphere at the writing of the first page. The writers could not understand the relationships of the explanations given, however, it is wrote and is perfect, and explains all. What science in the Bible, many ask.

This is a fascinating truth to understand and is at the center of the lack of faith today. Science is all over the Bible. This science, which one finds, is beyond reproach, completely accurate and consistent. The science of the Bible needs to be widely understood; after all, it is the foundation of faith, written of in a previous article. Alas, the exploration begins… 

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