Urbane Nita Ambani’s Joy Ride

Often referred to as the Empress of India, Nita Ambani grew up in the suburbs of Mumbai. Nita Ambani, daughter of a senior Birla executive, always had keen interest in Indian classical dance and wanted to pursue a career in dance. While her mother aspired for her to become a chartered accountant but she wanted to pursue a career in dance. Nita Ambani who holds qualifications as a teacher and an interior designer is a Commerce Graduate from Mumbai University.

With motto, ‘Dare to Dream. Learn to Excel’, Nita Ambani heads Indian as well as an international curriculum based school Dhirubhai Ambani International School. This school aims to develop a new model for education at the school level in India. Nita Ambani has been working tirelessly in order to raise the living standards of the underprivileged and needy as part of the Dhirubhai Ambani Foundation. She has supervised the development of villages around the Reliance projects personally along with taking a keen interest in the upliftment of people in the vicinity. Appreciating her phenomenal qualities of leadership, selfless service and innovative ideas, Nita Ambani was awarded with the Samaj Seva Vishwa Bhushan award.

Nita Ambani is married to Reliance Industries Limiteds chairman and CEO Mukesh Ambani. She is a proud mother of a lovely beautiful daughter Isha, and two sons, Anant and Akash. Nita Ambani, proud of the presence of compassionate streak in her kids, instills Indian traditional values in them. She believes that if her kids are anchored to such roots, it will resonate in their personality. Nita Ambani strongly believes that service to humanity is service to God. And it is this very fundamental lesson that she imparts to her three children.

Nita Ambani dons many hats as the Chairperson of DAIS, co-owner of Mumbai Indians, first lady of Corporate India, an educationist, social worker and many more. Nita Ambani always values any initiative or institution that sprinkles hope and brings new sparkle and smiles to the lives of those who are not as blessed. For Nita Ambani educating and empowering these children and embedding self-esteem in them, is a joy forever.

Nita Ambani is sure of her role and confident of playing it to perfection. As a heavy duty power lady, Nita Ambani is all set to assume fresh responsibilities on all levels. Nita is a definition of calmness. Wife, mother and businesswoman, are some of the many roles that India’s first corporate lady dons 365 days a year.

From a normal childhood in Santacruz to becoming a part of the country’s biggest corporate household, Nita Ambani has dealt with numerous twists and turns of life. Perhaps Vicerine is an appropriate title for her!

Nita Ambani, wife of Mukesh Ambani, CMD, href=”http://ezinemark.com/goto.php?url=http://reliance-industries.com/” Title=”Reliance Industries”>Reliance Industries plays all her role confidently and of plays it to perfection.

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