Healthy Ways To Eat Your 3 Meals A Day

Weight is such a large concern with people today and the obsession to lose more and more weight and be thin is getting out of control.  There are many diet plans out there to help you shed your unwanted pounds and keep them off.  However, there is one sure fire way to lose weight without be unhealthy about it – eating less and exercising.  It is, indeed, important to cut back on how much food you are taking into your body, however, eating three small meals a day is crucial in staying healthy while still losing the weight you want to.

Some people might not know what to eat for each meal during the day, in order to get the right nutrition, but to still continue to eat the way they want.  First, breakfast should contain some sort of fruit.  Whether it is a grapefruit, banana, apple or orange, it is vital to get at least three to five servings of fruit in you a day.  Incorporate that fruit with one egg and a piece of toast or a small bowl of cereal and you’re set to go.  For lunch there are many things you could have.  A salad, tuna on wheat bread or maybe even a grilled veggie sandwich would be some options to pick from.  Also, involving fruit or vegetables into any meal throughout the day is always a plus.  Whether it’s raw carrots, grapes or avocado for lunch or broccoli, string beans or apple slices for dinner, fruit and vegetables are always a good side dish.

For dinner you could have fish or chicken but make sure that you’re only eating what can fit in the palm of your hand.  You could also have soup with some crackers or you could opt for some pasta with shrimp.  Just because you are trying to lose weight, doesn’t mean you have to cut out every delicious food that you enjoy.  It just means cutting down your portion sizes.  Don’t go back for seconds on your pasta or instead of frying your chicken, grill or boil it.  There are still ways to eat your favorite meals and lose the weight you want.  Also, remember to include workout routines into your weekly schedule.  Exercising at least three to four times a week is a great way to stay healthy and in shape. 

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