Happiness is Being in Service to Others

You probably realize that the energy of the Earth and people is changing at a very rapid pace. With that change comes a new thought form called “cooperation.” The paradigm of “What’s in it for me?” reigned for hundreds of years. Now you see it dying everywhere. You witness entire political systems collapsing.

The thoughts and energy of that thinking centered around, “What do I have to do to eliminate the competition?” And it was not just about competition at work.

Think about when you were in high school and you wanted to go out with a certain person, and you saw that they were interested in somebody else. You saw them as competition. Or, if you were an athlete and you wanted to be the best in your sport, you had to be better than all the other people competing against you in your school. So, people used to be concerned about “Me, me, me, me, me. I’m better than you, you, you, you, you.”

In this new paradigm the dominant thought and energy focuses on “We’re here to share with each other and to serve one another.” There’s enough business out there, and there’s enough love out there for each and every person to have their share; to have what they need for their life to be great.

I used to have mentors who are all about “You have to do XYZ in your business because if you don’t, the competition will crush you.” Those were the words that they used – “They will crush you.”

Then I came across somebody who said, “You know what? In my business, 400 transactions happen every month, I only need eight for me to continue my lifestyle and the other 392 – they’re there for everybody else. I just need my eight a month.”

That remark really turned on a light bulb for me. I stopped working with those so-called gurus who were mentoring me to be greedy and to be somebody who doesn’t care about anybody else.

I want to bring that awareness to you, in case you, or someone you know, still lives in that paradigm of “There’s not enough.” Scarcity mindset, isn’t it? You see, as a human being, we are all part of the community of mankind. When we do for others, guess what? By Divine Law, others will do for us. We may not receive from the same people to whom we gave and we will receive whatever we give out.

By Law, moving away from greed and self-centeredness propels you down the path to the happiness that results from being in service to others.

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