Friendship or Love?


She cried. Winter Most Superior r4i card Opening the gift box, tears filled her beautiful blue eyes when she saw the Links of London bracelet. She murmured: “Friendship bracelet, so it means friendship.” Tears started to drop on the London links box.Winter Most Fitting DS Lite Console

I still remembered the first time I saw Nicole when her family moved in to our neighborhood. The Sales of supercard dsone i are Said to Make a New Record This Year A little girl with her hair braided along both sides smiled at me, her white skirt swinging in the wind, the barbie in her arm was smiling as sweet as she, that was when the word “angel” struck me. The Top 5 Best NDSL Console I grabbed a stone and threw at her, I guess that was the way to show my affection at that age. She cried and ran back home, with the barbie left on the ground, and a little boy in confusion. In the blink of an eye, the little angel had become a beautiful lady, but we were never in love, I guess it was because we were much too familiar with each other. After all, it wasn’t a fairy tale. But we were gratified of this friendship and enjoyed each other’s company.

She loved London links, I could see it from her eyes when we walked pass the store. As her birthday was coming, I knew that this was the perfect gift, though it would cost half of my savings: the beautiful bracelet from friendship bracelets series which I had longed for a long time. I wanted to thank her for being there for me all these years. I knew the messages would be delivered through this gorgeous bracelet.

Her tears were in my expectation, but her expression was so bizarre that I couldn’t figure out if her tears were out of joy or of misery. I was confused, like the little boy twenty years ago. I said cautiously: “Nicole, if you don’t like it, I can go change. It’s ok, don’t cry.” She smiled with much effort: “No, no, I love it. It’s so beautiful! Thank you for the friendship bracelet!” “Then why you seem so upset?” I wondered. She whipped her tears: “I was just, just too happy. Thank you for the dinner and present, I really love them.”

As we left the restaurant, I heard a low voice behind me: “I don’t need your friendship, I need your love.” She walked past me, left me standing there, stunned like being hit by a lightening.
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