Hair Loss Cosmetics

Theres a lot of information available now about hair-growing medications and hair transplant surgeries. Are there any old-fashioned methods for dealing with hair loss? Absolutely! Sometimes the old ways are the best ways!

One of my favorite treatments is a type of product called scalp concealer. Many of us use concealer on our facesit hides imperfections, scars, and blemishes as well as giving a nice uniform color to our skin. Scalp concealer does these things for the scalp! In many cases, thinning hair is only noticeable and problematic because the scalp is lighter than the hair. The scalp can also be oily and reflect light, giving off a shinewe dont want this on our noses and we dont want this on our scalps. Basically, by using the tinted cream in a scalp concealer, we cover the naked scalp. This minimizes the contrast and shine of the bald spot and the problem spot seems to vanish!

Wigs, toupees, hairpieces, hair weaves, and hair replacement are all components of a remarkable industry! Although a quality hairpiece can cost between several hundred to over a thousand dollars, you are guaranteed to look fantastic! Theres a reason you dont see Hollywood stars with the scars from hair plugstheyre all using hair replacement! A tremendous amount of artistry goes into the creation of hairpieces, and they can make your hair look better than it ever did!

Natural fiber sprays are an excellent way to add color and texture to conceal bald spots. Some are sprinkled on like powder and some are dispersed through aerosol. For the price of a haircut, you can have instant coverage over balding or thin areasno side effects, no surgeries, no second mortgage!

Obviously, none of these solutions are permanent, but neither are medications or surgeries. The hair grown with hair loss medication (minoxidil or finasteride) will fall out if the medications are stopped, and having hair transplant surgery doesnt stop other areas of the scalp from becoming affected by hair loss! The cosmetic options have the advantage of being safer and less expensive, while giving excellent and immediate results.

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