5 Irrefutable Steps to Happiness

Happiness eludes so many of us today. Its like God forgot to assign us our guardian angel. This small revolving life can be complicated, tiresome and unfortunately nontransferable. Mental fixations on a better life absorb our thinking. We cry for deliverance.

My life was under a dark cloud of thinking like this for years. Constantly bickering about being cheated out of something. Nevertheless I found that happiness can be achieved, if one takes responsibility for their thoughts.

For so long, I attracted nothing but disappointment after disappointment. Magnetized to poor decisions and acting them out over and over again. Expecting something different each time, I became disenfranchised with my life.

Why do some of us never achieve contentment? Why are we always seeking something more? Its a exercise undertaken by millions each day. How to achieve happiness?

To find happiness one may need to redefine one’s definition. A definition of happiness produced by the world will forever give discontentment. That form of engagement produces a brief feeling of happiness and soon to follow dissatisfaction.

Everything in life is temporary. Everything! Husband/Wives/children, relationships, cars, homes, education, health, you name it; it’ll be gone one day. The world inundates us with a steady stream of false promises of permanent happiness.

How happy we’ll be once we…..

Find the right Husband/Wife
Get a better job
Get a car
Find friends who support us
Find a better church
A better roommate
Reduce our stomach and credit debt
Lift our breast and credit score

We’re attracted and attached to these promises. Lying to ourselves about how Godly we are and satisfied with our lives. Keep it real. Are we miserable when the lights are off?

Happiness begin with a complete, spiritual examination. Not seeking to blame or find causes but to halt the cycle of thoughts one is addicted to. This was the hardest part, understanding it was my thoughts that brought me pain, not others.

I gathered myself one day in 2005 and wanted the pain to go away and to find peace. Some four years later I have compiled some essential steps to happiness.

The 5 Irrefutable Steps to Happiness

(1) Accepting life “As is”

Life comes in one form “As is” Its not here to make us happy. When it rains don’t take it personal. Stop wishing for life to change, change your thinking. Accept what is and move on.

(2) What you have is enough

Unhappy where you are? Then wherever you’ll be, unhappiness will be your companion. If you think something is missing from your life, you’ll chase it into insanity. And when found, it’ll never be enough. The chase will begin all over again.

(3) Leading with Humility

We only know our road. We do not know how, when, what life holds for others. The strongest support one can give; stay out of other people driver’s seat. Peacefully decline upon deciding their fate. They can find their own way.

(4) Staying in the Moment

“What if” and “What can be” tortures the spirit. Thinking about moments we have no power with is hard work and emotionally draining. Today has the most potentials we’ll every have. You are who you could be today.

(5) Happiness is Inside you

We begin and finish self-discovery with self. There’s nothing outside us more powerful and satisfying. Turn yourself on to you. You are eternal and forever.

Make a conscious effort to connect with your true nature. Untouched by worldly endeavors its produces energy of contentment wherever you are. It honor your meekness and attracts others to honor it as well.

Never making you feel you need more then what you have, its the perfect spirit of peace. Its no secret, there’s no group to join. Its you.

The all powerful you.

Article Source: http://ezineseeker.com/?expert=Robert_A_Williams

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