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Cate Blanchett whose full name is Catherine Élise “Cate” Blanchett is the most famous Australian actress and theater director. She has won multiple acting awards such as SAGs, Golden Globe Awards, BAFTAs, Academy Award and the Volpi Cup at 64th Venice International Film Festival. On W magazine’s June 2010 cover, Cate Blanchett looks attractive and graceful. In this upcoming edition, she shares her own thoughts that she doesn’t care about what people think of her. She said, “I’m so misunderstood! I’m not focused on what other people think of me. Some people get you and some people don’t, and to spend your life trying to make people understand how deep and complex and varied you are – I think that way lies madness.”

Cate Blanchett (born 14 May 1969) is an Australian actress and theater director.

Cate Blanchett covers W Magazine for its June 2010 issue.

Here are more pictures of Albino Blanchett on W Magazine – Edition June 2010.


Cate Blanchett’s latest film is “Robin Hood” which is loved by many viewers.

Blanchett’s husband is playwright and screenwriter Andrew Upton, whom she met in 1996 while she was performing in a production of “The Seagull“.

Cate Blanchett has won every acting award including the Oscar.

Blanchett’s thought on her husband’s influence: “My husband keeps me really honest. I remember him saying to me after I made Elizabeth”


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