Things to Love About Carpeting

A lot of people say that carpeting or using carpets on floors is not as popular today as it was decades ago. The main reason for this is many flooring materials have been developed over the years and so consumers have more options to choose from. But regardless of what many might think about carpets here are some things that make them irresistible for some home owners:

1. Elegance. No matter what people say about tiles or wood, the fact remains the same. Majority of the most expensive hotels in the world still use carpeting on their floors. Why? Because nothing spells rich and elegance better than imported carpeting that costs a lot of money. And it’s no coincidence that Hollywood royalty like to walk on the red carpet either.

2. Insulation. For people living in humid places, carpets are definitely a big no when it comes to flooring. But in countries where the sun barely shines, having a warm floor to step on is surely a big plus. Carpeting absorbs heat and retains it for some time which is why most air conditioned rooms and buildings use carpets on their floors. It’s mainly the reason why carpets are usually associated with warmth and comfort.

3. Dust absorption. Believe it or not, it’s one of the main reasons why huge buildings like hotels and offices use carpets. Hard surfaces like concrete, tiles, or wood don’t absorb soil particles or dust like carpeting does. It’s very cost efficient when it comes to maintenance since it doesn’t require regular sweeping or vacuuming like other surfaces need.

4. Sound proofing. Carpets not only keep warmth indoors but it also has the ability to mute noise or any sound. Hard surfaces emit echoing sounds every time somebody walks on them. If you’re living with kids and your work requires some sort of silence for you to concentrate then carpeting for floors is the only way to go.

5. Protection from accidents. Unlike hard surfaces, it’s quite impossible to slip on a carpeted floor. And even if one falls down, he or she avoids cuts and bruises because of its thick fabric that serves as cushion. This is important if you have children at home or if you’re taking of an elderly person. Safety is always a big issue regardless of flooring material one uses.

Carpeting may not be as commonly used nowadays but it definitely won’t go away. As long as people can find things to love about them, they’re here to stay.

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