It’s ?OK’ to Gossip a Little

Its glitz, glamour, gloss and sheen. OK magazine is about all this and some more. This British magazine launched in 1993 has now an Australian version, an US version and an Indian version running successfully. Moreover, it publishes in Spanish and Bulgarian languages besides English. OK magazine was originally launched on a monthly basis but now runs as a weekly. It is the ultimate hub of celebrity gossips, news, paparazzi images and the stars lifestyles.

OK presently sells in nineteen countries and has over 30 million readers. It is the best selling celebrity magazine in UK and has two inner magazines: 1. Hot Stars 2. “OK!USA”

The various aspects covered by OK range from a variety of interviews, to exclusive gossips, the tie-ups and break-ups, film promotional, celebrity lifestyle etc.

· Interviews: The magazine has published some exclusive interviews of stars touching upon their personal lives, relationships, engagements, pregnancies, interests, latest buys, family fact file, link-ups etc. The magazine usually follows a policy of portraying the images of the stars in a positive light, with an exception of Britney Spears, whose behaviour compelled the editorial team to revise their policy. · Photos: The magazine has a group of paparazzi hounds who provide exclusive photos of celebs to go with or justify scoops or expose. This apart some casual photos of stars, in their day to day life, are also always available. For example, the photos of stars on the sets of films they are shooting for, during their visits to places with friends and family, during shopping sprees, workouts, sports events etc. · Promotional coverage: The magazine focuses on the dedicated coverage of promotional of upcoming films, detailed coverage of promotional parties, events, photos and often uploading videos on the online version of the magazine. · Beauty tips: The magazine also offers beauty tips and trend stories that are influenced from star lifestyle or dressing styles. The latest Oscar trends, hits in hair styles and make-up and clothing are regularly featured in a section dedicated to styles. · Wedding coverage: The magazine is most known for its exclusive wedding coverage that include an all round coverage of exclusive details, stories, facts and wedding photos. The biggest of wedding controversies OK faced was when it lost a lawsuit of some millions of pounds in a court of appeal over the coverage issue of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas. It had the exclusive right of the coverage but Hello Magazine, its rival, also published the pictures and was later sued by OK for it.

OK offers reasonable subscription rates for its readers. To avail an OK Magazine subscription one can choose from the two schemes available:

1 year subscription, covering 52 issues, at a price of $ 34.95 6 months subscription, covering 25 issues, at a price of $ 19.95

A reader can choose from the print or the online version for a subscription. Payments are accepted online though credit cards.

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