What is the Difference Between Stream and Fogger Pepper Spray?

Pepper or OC Sprays are most commonly found in two spray patterns, stream and fogger. So, what is the difference between a stream and fogger pepper spray? Just like most products, there are advantages and disadvantages based on features. A product variety creates a consumer’s preference based on the individual’s application. A brief explanation of the stream and fogger type defense spray will clarify the difference and highlight some pros and cons of both models of pepper spray.

In terms of effectiveness, the fogger spray is the most effective compared to the stream type. A stream spray is considered to be the least effective because the stream tends to trap the OC inside of the canister and doesn’t allow the active chemical to be released as generously as a fog. However, the advantage of the stream spray is that it will disperse a more accurate range of up to 20 feet. Also, at the end of the stream the OC does break up into smaller droplets for increased effectiveness. A well aimed stream shot to the face is very likely to instantly halt an assailant. Another advantage of the stream is that it is not as affected by wind or breezes as would be a fogger. A stream spray can even hold up in a relatively strong breeze and is unlikely to blow back and give you adequate protection at a longer range.

Fogger Sprays deploy a super fine mist, similar to a fire extinguisher, and are considered to be the most effective defense spray in terms of stopping power. An assailant caught in an OC fog is instantly rendered helpless. A fogger’s nozzle and high canister pressure will offer a range of 15 to 20 feet and at closer range is only slightly affected by a breeze or wind. Fogger pepper sprays also provide an excellent barrier against multiple assailants as the fog tends to hang around and remain undisturbed for several minutes. The drawback of most fog type sprays is that the higher pressure and large chemical distribution creates much less shots or uses per unit. A typical high pressure 4 oz unit may only allow you 6 shots and a smaller 2 oz unit only as few as two.

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