How to Build Little Kids’ Good Attitude

One’s attitude can be determined by the early childhood education. As a parent, you must concern how your children will be in the future. That is why you need to teach them good values so that they will have good attitudes and manners. Hence, we have some tips for you.

The important thing you need to keep in mind is that you become the example of your children. They will imitate what you do. If you want your children to have manners and etiquette, then be the first who practices good values.

If you have more than one child, make sure that you discipline both of them. Don’t take side to one child. Some parents treat their younger kid less discipline than the older. Make sure that you keep fairness toward them. From the very beginning, you have to stick those values into the elder child’s mind. When the elder is on “the right path”, the younger one will imitate what the elder does.

You can teach them to be polite, especially in language. Use some polite phrases, such as “please”, “excuse me”, “you’re welcome”, “thank you”, “May I?” and so on when you talk to your spouse or somebody else. As often as they see these manners, they will get accustomed to using those phrases. Keep practicing these polite phrases even though you don’t like the person whom you talk to. Tell them it is not a matter of “like-or-not”, but to be polite is important. Also, tell them that everyone is entitled to be respected.

You can also teach them table manners. Make the dinnertime as a fun activity. Don’t just tell them like lecturing students. In addition to table manners, you can tell them another etiquette that using someone else’s stuff without their permission is impolite. You can give them example by asking their permission to use their stuff.

One more important thing, you should be careful when they are making mistakes. Give them polite and educative admonishment. Don’t shout to them or blame them. You can say, “Jenny, you’re my good girl. A good girl doesn’t tell a lie, right, honey?” On the other hand, while they do good things, praise them. Compliment will motivate them to do more good values.

Those are tips to build good attitude for your little kids. We hope that it is useful for you. Make sure that you teach them good manners as early as possible so that they have positive habits when they grow up to be teenagers and adults.

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