Theta Meditation – An Explanation

The brain is an extremely complicated system, working in a fascinating way and everyday making you go through different tasks. You are being programmed subconsciously by the brain to enable you to adapt to your ever changing environment and this eventually forms a cycle of routine for you. All these happen without your conscious knowledge or efforts. But if you want to re programme your brain and store your beliefs or philosophies, you can only do so with the help of theta medication. The theta waves used in theta medication permits you to enter your subconscious and get in touch with it to programme it.

You must be wondering what this theta medication is and how it works? Well, first you must understand what theta is, theta is a brainwave that has a frequency that is second slowest and a cycle rate at range of 4 – 7 Hz. When you are in a state of peaceful relaxation having good dreams that is when the theta wave is actually working. The electroencephalogram of a person, when she/he is under the influence of the theta wave, shows that this is the time when a person has the utmost capability to handle stress, has increased emotional balance and is strongly intuitive. The technique uses the theta waves to access the subconscious. Coming to how the theta meditation technique works, the theta waves helps increase the levels of serotonin and melatonin, the hormonal chemicals that plays an important part in curing insomnia and depression, thus improving these conditions effectively.

All of us mostly spend each day with our brain working on the beta range of frequencies, from 12 – 30 Hz. This is active state of mind which is very effective for problem solving and production. When you relax, your brain usually relaxes as much to reach the alpha range of frequency, from 8 12 Hz. It is extremely difficult for an average human to reach the theta range of frequency, normally, without the aid of theta meditation. Very few can manage to reach this harmonious and peaceful depth of the subconscious on a regular basis, on their own.

The benefits of these techniques are numerous. A few of them are given below for your reference:

Stress release – everyone know that relaxation is the only medicine for stress and the process helps you to relax like nothing else.

Increased energy – theta meditation enables you to relax like you have had a nice, deep sleep, thus helping in keeping you energized.

Improved memory – as already mentioned, theta waves helps you to communicate with your subconscious, eventually helping you to retrieve long term memories which are otherwise lost.

If you are thinking about reaping the benefits of this meditation technique, it advised to first start the process with alpha meditation. If you are already into alpha meditation, you can consult your therapist to make sure you can proceed to theta meditation. Make sure you consult your doctor before you start with this meditation technique if you are on medication for some reason and do not go off your medicines during the process.

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