Home Gym Available For a Good Body

Home gyms became popular in the 1980’s but has drastically evolved since then. What once was a weight bench with a weight rack in a basement, has become a fully equipped studio in your home. As manufacturers developed more streamlined equipment and the fitness boom hit, consumers were able to choose from equipment like the Body Solid BSG10x Gym or the Yukon Smith machine system 1 for a complete home gym workout.

As long as there is enough free space in your home, you can convert it to a gym complete with mirrors, stereo system, air conditioning, floor mats, weight machines, free weights, treadmill/elliptical, a towel rack, flat screen television, bottled water service, and yoga balls. Some even go further with a separate shower connected to the home gym or even a steam room, sauna or Jacuzzi. There are even those who hire a personal trainer to come to their home and train them in their gym. So why do we love the home gym and what benefits does it have over going to a public fitness facility?

Well for starters, half the battle of working out is getting there. If you have to get dressed, drive to the gym, put your stuff in a locker, all before you even step foot on a piece of equipment, you might forgo it more often than not. Traffic and parking at the gym can be a huge hassle. Usually, once you get started on a workout you are more apt to finish, but getting started needs motivation. Another hindrance of a public gym is waiting for machines. Depending on when you can get to the gym, if it is busy it can throw a wrench in your whole flow. At busy times, there are often wait times to get on certain machines.

There are times when you may choose to skip a machine, because the wait is too long, all resulting in a less than perfect workout. Working on in other’s people’s sweat is not appealing either. Even though there are usually towels and disinfectant to wipe down the machines, not everyone does it when they move on, leaving you to do it. And even when they do it, you are still prone to germs. The gym is one of the top conductors to spreading the common cold or flu.

At home, working out becomes more flexible. One of the biggest benefits is the ability to workout anytime of the day. You can do it at the spur of the moment, at any time you have available. Your workout is much more organized as you move about your home gym and use the machines as you wish. You keep them clean yourself and are ensured they run smoothly.

You choose the music you workout to, the machines you use and how long you stay. With the increase in the population who work from home, having a home gym is even more appealing. With a home office and gym right in the home, business professionals can squeeze a workout in between conference calls. And stay at home moms can do a 40 minute run on the treadmill, some quick yoga stretches and ab work all before baby wakes from his/her nap.

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