Weight Gain Even With Too Little Food?

This new study will give us a different perspective about the truth in dieting and exercise.

There is new study release this year about an alarming weight gain on their 50’s for a normal weight people who do not do regular exercise.

According to I-Min Lee, an associate professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, they conducted a study about women who were eating what they considered a normal diet and not exercising regularly and those women who are in normal weight but with regular physical activities.

They made some interesting discoveries about the helpful benefits of exercising on a daily basis for women on their 50’s. They followed 34,000 non-dieting women at the age of 54.2 over the course of many years; they learned that exercise could help to prevent weight gain over time. Those women who did a regular exercise during their youth had found to only gain 5 pounds on their 50’s compare to those women who were in their normal weight and healthy diet when they were younger.

This sounds not so good news for those who maintain their weight with what they believe as a healthy diet and little exercise from here and there but the study does not necessarily mean that 3 to 4 times of exercise per week is not helpful, it can still prevent anyone from chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart diseases. However, if gaining weight on your 50’s is your greatest fear, then sixty minutes of workout each day should be practice.

In addition to this discovery, a researched published in 2008 found that women dieted and were then able to keep the weight off actually exercised more than what the government suggests, which is in  total of 275 minutes a week. It is still in debate whether how much amount is needed to keep a healthy body over time but the same principle is true, eat less and burn more!

Staying Fit healthy nowadays are challenging. Because of the various choices we have in food we tend to go for the cheap and unhealthy stuff.

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