Finding The Right Equipment For Your Home Gym

Rowing Machines are good if you want one piece of equipment that provides a whole body workout. Rowing uses both the upper and lower body for aerobic exercise.

Proper technique on a rowing machine is important in order to avoid back strain. Jumping rope is a high-intensity cardiovascular workout that requires balance, strength and agility.

You can use it nearly anytime and anywhere as a complete workout or for quick intervals between weight training sets or circuit training stations. Pack one in your suitcase and you never will miss another workout due to your travel schedule.

Treadmills are a popular piece of aerobic equipment for home use. Treadmills let you walk or run indoors regardless of the time of day or weather.

When purchasing look for a solid, smooth action, a steady pace, wide belt, safety shut off, and incline settings. Quality models range from $ 1000 and up.

Make sure any treadmill you consider is built to withstand a substantial load, as running on a treadmill creates a great deal of force. Be sure to check the warranty and customer service.

A treadmill provides an excellent walking workout, and you do not have to fight weather elements. When stopping, cool down by reducing the speed and walking at a slower pace for a few minutes.

Kettlebells are cast iron hand weights that help you get back to basic training by developing functional, whole body fitness. Lifting and controlling a kettlebell engages multiple muscle groups at once.

They are a great addition to any home gym. Stationary bikes are widely used for exercising at home.

They offer a non-impact cardiovascular workout and are great for the overweight or sedentary person just starting to exercise. They primarily use the muscles of the legs and buttocks.

Bikes come in a variety of price ranges. Generally speaking a high caliber bike will cost $ 500 to $ 1000.

Elliptical trainers offer a comfortable, non-impact exercise activity that almost anyone can do. The movement is horizontally oval, and you can adjust the intensity or keep the movement easy for the very sedentary.

It is currently the moist popular item in health clubs and you may want to try out several models before selecting one. An elliptical trainer provides a low-impact workout, similar to walking, but with a high-intensity cardio workout.

The elliptical trainer is a cross between a stair climber and stationary bike. It works all of your major muscle groups and can help you lose weight and shape up without hurting your knees.

Including free weights in your home gym is not for everyone, but free weights and a solid weight rack allow you do one of the most important exercises for strength. Multi-station gyms may be a good substitute for many people, but if you have the experience and space, free weights are the best options.

Balance equipment is an excellent, inexpensive addition to any home gym. Balance exercises will improve your core strength, agility and coordination in all sports and greatly reduce your risk of injury.

Step machines use primarily the lower body in an aerobic capacity. Finding a high quality step machine can be expensive, however.

Steppers give a good workout aerobically, strengthen and build the lower body muscles, and are low impact. Recumbent cycles give more support to the lower back and minimize the stress on the knees compared with an upright bicycle.

Recumbent bikes provide a cardiovascular workout that uses the muscles of the gluteus, quadriceps and hamstrings. The seat of your stationary bike needs to be positioned high enough so your knees do not bend more than 90 degrees.

You also want to make sure your knees do not come up higher than your seat when you are pedaling. With the pedals positioned further away, you reduce stress on your knees.

A regular, upright stationary bike provides a more intense workout than a recumbent bike. However, a recumbent bike reclines and is designed to reduce stress and strain on your knees and lower back.

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