Yorkie Puppies: Tenacious Little Toys

Yorkie puppies look like tiny, cute balls of silk. Yorkie puppies are part of an old and proud breed of dogs and are one of the very first breeds to be registered with the AKC. Yorkie breeders have for years been working to perfect their Yorkie puppies to the point where they truly are perfect little show dogs. Still despite their size Yorkie puppies will grow to be rather brave and loyal companions. Yorkie breeders truly have a reason to be proud as they continue on with the continual breeding and distributing of fine Yorkie puppies. There are several classifications that Yorkie breeders have to pay attention to when breeding the dogs. There are specific height and weight requirements that Yorkie puppies must meet in order to be able to be considered for showing.

Yorkie puppies are a toy breed but there is such a thing as being too small and Yorkie breeders know and understand this. With this in mind, care is taken by Yorkie breeders when breeding Yorkie puppies. Despite their toy stature and status in the dog world Yorkie puppies should be recognized for the truly hearty little dogs that they are. Their ancestors were initially bred to be working dogs in the sense that Yorkie puppies would hunt the mice and rats that plagued the barns and cotton fields of their humble Scottish farmer masters.

Though Yorkie puppies come from a humble beginning, throughout history they have proven themselves time and time again to be far more than just the average dog. Yorkie breeders have taken all that was best in the Yorkie kept it and perfected it. This is why you get the brave, loyal and keen Yorkie of today, making them so different from the other toy breeds out there. Yorkie breeders can thank one of the most prominent Yorkie breeders out there, who is credited with making the Yorkie what it is today. Mary Ann Foster was one of the Yorkie breeders back in the late 1860’s and it was her dog, Huddersfield Ben, which is named as the father of the breed. He was the perfect embodiment of what it meant for a Yorkie to be. He was so perfect that every other breeder wanted him and it is the case that today many of the pedigree Yorkies can trace their lineage back to him.

Yorkies make excellent pets because they are small, smart and for those of which who have allergies they are one of the few breed with hypoallergenic coats. History seems to favor the tenacious little pups as they prove themselves in times of great crisis and duress. Because of the special bond that humans have with Yorkies, these special pups will continue to be cherished and popular for years to come.

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