Cheap and Healthy Vacation Food Tips

When going on vacation, there is usually three major expenses: hotel fees, airfare and food. Food is a big one, because if your gong to some place new you may not know what kind of food they offer or how much it might put a hole in the wallet.

The first tip to finding cheap and healthy food is to simply research sites like and, which can provide you with a list of popular and notorious restraints where you’re going to be vacationing. And for those who do not want to spend all their money on pricey restraints, try and buy an all inclusive package on your vacation.

All inclusive packages will ensure that you get the best food for the best price. When planning a vacation, you should not be handing out money blindly. It pays to do some discount and coupon shopping. Every seasoned vacationer knows to look at restaurant .com, because they provide coupons to restaurants that are in the area. This can really be helpful in a case where there is an entire family taking a trip, because feeding a family of four or more can become quite expensive.  You can also look for an Ebay coupon, where you can find some pretty sweet deals.

If you really enjoy food, a smart thing to do would be to travel during food week. During food week all across the country 4 start restaurants provide customers with much discounted meals. For a lunch meal at a four star restraunt during food week it may only cost the customer $ 20. It’s also fun to do because while on vacation, you can try different foods for a very low price.

Another way to get cheap food is to see if there is a festival in the area you are traveling to. Festivals offer delicious and yet cheap food you can enjoy and have fun with. Some festivals revolve around a season or even a particular food that is popular in the area.

Try not to spend a lot of money on food on the way to a vacation; it can get really pricey.  Never buy food at the airport. It is crazy expensive and can cost you a lot of money and a lot of pounds, because it is normally not very healthy. Try not to eat on the plane either. The food is expensive and often tasteless there, too. Do carry small snacks however; these are not confiscated by airport security. Also you can save yourself a few bucks by bringing an empty water bottle and filling it with the airplanes tap water.

You don’t have to stop taking vacations just because money is tight. You donh’t have to settle for less than great tasting food, either. Everyday there are hundreds of offers posted  on auction sites and you may be surprised at what you can find an Ebay coupon for.

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