How to Be Happy AND Discontented

Have you ever felt like you need a reason to be happy? A reason to feel good about yourself and your life?  And often times that reason is because you won a big account, or your wife loves you, or your kids are getting straight “A’s” in school, or the dog didn’t eat your paper today?

Well, those are all things to feel good about but if what that’s not happening in your life?  What if you were to wake up one morning and realize that your spouse left you?  That wouldn’t make you feel happy, especially if you loved that person!  Yet, all the time every time we open up the magazine or watch the program on the boob-tube we are told to be happy when we look like Megan Fox, or have all the money Brad Pitt has, or we are told to only feel happy or good about ourselves as long as we are thin and constantly working out?  I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound like happiness to me…it sounds like propaganda and these ads trying to yell you to feel bad or unhappy about yourself.

I feel it is important to understand what I mean by being ‘happy’ and yet discontented.  This simply means, start to love yourself unconditionally–with all your faults and mistakes and miss-hap’s.  Just choose to love who you are regardless of what is going on “out there.”  Then, at the same time, make the decision to do something about it.  Don’t just sit and wallow in your misery and wait around until Mr. Savior comes along and whisks you up to heaven where are all your dreams come true!  That’s fantasy.  And put the cookie dough away!  And choose to take a break before you decide to go beer drinking with your buddies because they are unhappy too and you all get together to be unhappy!  Ha!  Admit it, that one is funny because it’s true.

The only way to really change your situation is First, to accept it.  You cannot change anything, not even yourself until you accept yourself for who you are, scars and all!  Then once you realize you can be happy in spite of all the chaos going on in your life–you will be more ready and open to accept and to SEE what comes your way!  And when those opportunities arrive you will GRAB hold of them and leap into the next phase of your life!

Here are some ideas for being Happy:

– Clear your mind by going for a walk, take your dog out for a jog and be grateful for the air you breathe!
– Clear you mind by doing something that gets you out of your comfort zone.  Take a cooking class or Salsa lessons, that’s real popular these days.

Whatever you do, be in the now and realize you are blessed and then go to work with changing your life!

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