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In Ancient Rome was a breakfast meal. It was the first meal of the day and had to be abundant and energy. The dinner tables were, however, a characteristic of the aristocracy because the poor ate what they could and often did not do it plenty of energy.The breakfast was called in ancient Rome: ientaculum.In table unit is always the cakes, bread, milk and honey in small bowls with. There was also a fruit and cheese and ate the bread dipped in wine and often the meat in the breakfast because the Romans also ate the leftovers the night before.Lunch instead of breakfast was a light meal, often faster and less important.After all, in some respects the breakfast of the ancient Romans had a middle way between the current American breakfast foods too salty and our milk, bread and honey. Today, we prefer the jam and bread is toasted or be substituted for toast. But there are two drinks that are important for us on the table of the Romans during the breakfast: coffee and chocolate.The Romans could not know these drinks because they had not yet been discovered. The coffee at that time still grew wild in Ethiopia. Coffee is primarily distributed in the Islamic world in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.The chocolate, however, was a plant that grows only in the New World discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492 only … many many years later. Among other things, the drink made with cocoa beans had a very bitter taste and initially was not the product that we know and love so much … chocolate.

After breakfast, the Romans were ready to face the day. Discover the culinary habits of ancient Romans is now, has long been a topic of great interest. Those who love cooking, besides discovering the old ways, we enjoy cooking, enjoy and taste the foods and beverages that the ancient Romans used to prepare your own meals.In ancient Rome they used to eat three meals a day: jentaculum (our breakfast), the prandium (our lunch) and Coen (our dinner).The first meal that jentaculum was very similar to our breakfast, eaten in the early hours of the morning. It was a simple light meal with bread, cheese, dried fruit, honey, milk and wine, which was topped with bread. The poorest people used to do just the first meal of bread soaked in milk or wine.Shortly before noon, was consumed a second meal of the day prandium. This meal was consumed quickly and standing was a cold meal based on legumes, vegetables, fruit and fish.

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Daniele Davide, manager of Tredy Sas.

When You book an apartment in Rome Apartment in Rome , with us You’ll realize how beautiful and magic this city is.

Book   Rome apartments , and You’ll enjoy the unique atmosphere of this beautiful city


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