Myths About Gym Exercises Debunked

As with most things, even gym workouts have its fair share of myths and fictional stories which many people believed to be true. Are you a victim of such myths or are you innocently spreading them as well?

In this article, I am going to debunk some of these sometimes harmful myths and unhelpful beliefs about gym workouts.

Your weight is dictated by your DNA – Many people who find difficulty in losing or putting on weight rely heavily on this excuse not do anything else to achieve their ideal weight. Yes, although your genes do play a part in dictating how heavy weigh, it accounts for only about 25% of how heavy you should weigh. In other words, you still have the other 75% to get to your desired weight. So you have no reason to blame your DNA since now you know that you can do something about it.

You can target body parts to lose fat – Targeting certain body parts for fat loss such as getting rid of belly fat by doing hundreds of crunches is known as spot reduction. Many people think that they can spot reduce by doing certain exercises such as sit-ups to lose the fat in their tummy.

Any professional personal trainer will tell you that there is no such thing as spot reduction although there is new evidence to suggest that you may burn a little bit of fat in the selected area with certain exercises. The problem is that even if you can spot reduce, the fat loss is so miniscule for you to bother with it when there are many other better exercises to lose body fat.

When you diet and exercise to lose weight, the fat you lose will come from all over the body. So you can now stop doing spot reduction exercises but instead pay more attention on exercises that are massive fat burners.

Women can get big muscles with weight training – As a fitness gym instructor, I will introduce weight training to my lady clients to lose body fat and to tone their body. The problem is that very often, the ladies will tell me that they do not want to train with weights because they do not want to have big muscles like mine.

Girls, it took me years of weight training and good nutrition to build those muscles. If you feel that your muscles are growing bigger, then just stop weight training at that point in time. Even so, that won’t happen. This is because unlike men, women have too little muscle building hormone known as testosterone to get big bulky muscles. The female bodybuilders that you see get their muscles through very specialized training, nutrition and they take testosterone enhancing supplements.

Women who train with weights will only lose body fat and getting a well toned sexy body.

Aerobic exercises have cardiovascular effect but not weight training – This statement was considered true in the past. Today, science recognizes the fact that weight training offer equal cardiovascular benefits as to aerobic workout. This was the conclusion of a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

The above are just some of the many exercise and gym myths that science had debunked but still refuses to go away. Did you believed in them? What do you think?

Chris Chew is a Singapore based gym instructor and a professional personal trainer. Visit his websites at How to lose weight fast and Personal Trainers Singapore.

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