What is For Dinner Tonight?

Beef its what is for dinner was a slogan that was introduced by the National Cattlemans Beef Association was designed to introduce beef into a healthy diet for American consumers. The campaign showed that beef could be prepared and served with a healthy choice of other sides and vegetables in appetizing ways that appeal to the health conscious nutritional values of many Americans. The success of the campaign that was launched in 1992 is still recognized by 88 percent of Americans that enjoy eating a health portion of meat with their dinner.

The importance of adding protein into a healthy diet is one of the key benefits of eating beef and people are becoming more health conscious when it comes to where their beef is coming from. The truly health conscious American public knows that the best way to eat healthy is to buy and prepare organically grown and harvested fruits, vegetables and meat. It is important to introduce protein into a healthy diet and organic beef provides a healthy choice for maintaining a diet rich in proteins.

Finding organic produce is relatively easy, as many grocery stores have added a section to their produce isles that is dedicated to the health conscious dietary needs of organic consumers. While produce is becoming more readily available finding beef can still present a challenge. While some food stores and restaurants are making organically raised beef available in a few areas there are locations where people are unable to find an outlet for purchasing the healthier cuts of beef.

For many people the idea of buying beef online is a new concept, however in order to get the freshest and choicest cuts of meat available the internet offers a wonderful alternative to trekking all over town looking for an organic market that sells beef. By ordering their organic beef online health conscious consumers can find all of the cuts of meat that they are looking for as they prepare healthy meals and at the same time save time and expense on chasing all over town in search of the perfect place to obtain their organic protein.

By conducting a simple search for organic beef online health conscious people can easily be directed to websites that offer the choicest cuts of meat that will be carefully packaged and delivered right to their door. As beef is still being touted as the best entree for dinner it only makes sense that the choice of beef comes from organically raised cattle that have been harvested without the use of harmful preservatives and shipped directly to the consumer.

Niman Ranch (http://www.nimanranch.com/) started in the early 1970s, when Bill Niman began raising livestock on eleven acres in a small coastal town, just north of San Francisco. the animals were raised using traditional, humane husbandry methods and given wholesome all-natural feeds. Before long, Niman Ranch began selling beef to local grocery stores and to restaurants.

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