Important Little Things Women Notice About Men! Know This & You Will Be Able To Read Any Girl

Women notice the most obscure of details, and men appreciate things as a whole. Men may only appreciate physical appearances, while women take time to observe seemingly little things and actions. Instead of focusing on fancy clothes and gadgets which women don’t care about, work on important things that a woman always takes into consideration.

A guy’s eyes. The eyes are the windows to the soul. It is expressive even in the absence of words. Women can determine a guy’s outlook just by gazing into his eyes.

If a guy’s gaze fleets from one to another woman in the area, or if he cannot look a woman straight in the eye, he can be regarded as insincere or uninterested. Add a bounce to your step with a naughty twinkle in your eye to keep the fire in the relationship alive and burning.

A guy’s moves. Even though she doesn’t say so, a woman is usually busy observing a guy’s body language. She will be able to pick up signs when you are tense about something or bored and will beat you to saying something about it first.

A guy’s facial expressions and what he does with his hands are giveaways to what he thinks and feels. Keep your guard up and never let your woman catch you in negative body language as she might keep distance from you.

A guy’s guard. Guys want to be in control, but they don’t know how, since a girl in a relationship will want control as well. When this happens, a guy usually gives way and the girl becomes the dominant partner.

As a guy, you will be respected more if you remain consistent about your decisions and not allow your girl to sway them. This way, you won’t have to run and catch up with her every whim.

A guy’s build. Women are not attracted to bulky muscles. They are, however, attracted to how a guy carries himself through his clothes. A guy with a great body can be taken as a healthy man with positive personality.

If he can wear his clothes right, and at the right time and place, he gets plus points for being fashionably correct. Women pay attention to what they wear, and would like their partners to look as pleasing as they are. Face value is not a question, for the best attire you can put on is a good dose of self-esteem.

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