Turning Garbage Thoughts Into Jewels

In another article I talked about controlling your negative thoughts using “Cancel, Cancel”.  This one simple two-word phrase stops the thoughts in their tracks!  It is an interruption, an immediate halt!  Before you can make a change you must stop what you’re currently doing, right?  As a reminder, when you have a negative or limiting thought, say out loud if you can (to yourself if you can’t) Cancel, Cancel!  Remembering to Cancel out those negative thoughts is the first key to making a positive change.

So, how many of you notice what the very next thoughts were after you said “Cancel, Cancel”? With just a little bit of practice, I bet you notice you begin to change your thoughts. Yep, it’s generally a process that happens naturally.  Your brain gets the message that some thoughts are no longer what you want… they are the garbage that you’re eliminating.  They no longer serve you.  If you’re one of the ones right now with a thought of “well it didn’t happen for me, I still kept getting those thoughts”, then notice now what you just had… Another Garbage Thought! So, Cancel, Cancel it now!

With practice it gets easier and easier and your brain automatically begins to give you little Jewels like, “Well, what thought would have been more positive?  I am a little nervous and I know I can get through this. How could I have said that differently?  I CAN make this cold call AND have it close. “

So, lets take 2 examples.  In the first, I’m making a cold visit to a prospective client.  Standing on the step nearing the door, my negative thought is “Oh, they look busy”.  First I “Cancel, Cancel” and then follow-up with one of these little Jewels:

* “Wow, they are busy and I CAN Do This!”
* “They are going to want to buy my products.”
* “I am nervous and it’s easy after the first 2 minutes.”

The second example relates to the same situation (yes the negative thoughts can come in multiples!).  “There are people congregating around the counter.” Follow this first by another “Cancel, Cancel” and then one of the little Jewels from this list:

* “Plenty of people in there. They must sell a lot of products. They’ll be selling mine soon!”
* “I’ve done this 5 times before and I can do it again!”
* “OK, I can do this, I can do this, I can do this.”

Now it’s your turn… Take those negative garbage thoughts and turn them into Jewels! Your brain will love you for it… and you’ll love the results you get!

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