The “Art” of Meditation

Everyone meditates in a different way. Some people will sit in a very quiet environment, close their eyes, concentrate on their breathing, letting whatever comes come, and whatever goes, go.

For some people, however, the stillness needed is not available in their mind. Maybe their thoughts turn and turn, round and round, making the stillness and quiet hard to achieve. For those people, having a visual to focus on as you move in and out of the meditation process can be extremely helpful.

With this process, you look at something that makes you feel happy. This can be because of the colors or shapes you see, how it makes you heart feel, or what thoughts it brings to your mind. When choosing the second form, you’ll find that a painting is an excellent way to help move you through the medication process. Here’s how:

Sit comfortably and look at the painting.
Close your eyes and remember what you saw. Notice how much more you may be seeing about the painting. Maybe it now has more colors, more shapes, more figures, more perspective (such as sunrise vs. sunset). Let your mind go wherever it likes with what it has seen. Don’t question why it is that you see what you see, just let your mind freely explore and imagine.
When you feel that you have reached as far as you can go, open your eyes. Then, once again, look upon the painting. Repeat the above process, with no concern for how you may now have a new visual imagine of what you have seen. Allow your thoughts to move about and see in your mind what they want. 
When you once again have moved to your mind’s end, open your eyes. Now, look at the painting yet again.
As you close your eyes this time, focus on your breathing. Pay close attention to relaxing your mind and body. Allow yourself to let everything go. 
When you feel you have reached your stopping point, open your eyes. Notice how your mind and body feel. Notice how your impression of the painting has changed. Sit in quiet for a few minutes. Then, take a few clearing breaths and start again on your life’s journey.  

I am a Consciousness Awareness, contemporary artist living in Naperville, IL. Painting is not only my profession, it is my passion! It is a tangible way that I am able to share with others a piece of my life and who I am. I paint with oil and acrylic and enjoy the contemporary, abstract and landscape but mostly enjoy the combination of these three. My work is a source of great pleasure for me and for those who have already purchased my art. I paint using only high quality fine art materials.

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