Teach Your Children to Start With a Good Breakfast

The most important meal of the day is breakfast. Don’t think you’ll get too much argument from many of the authorities. While you’ve been asleep your body has been hard at work repairing, replenishing and feeding your all of your cells. It’s been 6, 8, 10 hours since you’ve fed your system.

Then, what do many adults do? They throw down a cup of coffee and scarf a donut, call it breakfast and your body’s scrambling for more protein and fats, less carbs and sugar to get the machinery up and into “awake and active” mode. So, it steals some protein from muscle, uses a little of your fat to convert into energy. (NO this is NOT a formula to lose fat at the expense of your muscle mass.)

Your children watch every move you make, how you drive, what you do in the bathroom, how you open the mail and what you say on the telephone. Their little sponge minds are incorporating EVERYTHING. After all, to them you are physically big, the source of comfort, love and knowledge and in some cases someone to please.

So, showing them early on in their life what foods to eat and what not to eat may just last them an entire life time. They have no other source of information other than mom and dad. So, you’re it. Be responsible about what you eat and they will follow suit. You’d no more give your child a cup of coffee and a donut for breakfast than hand them a shot of tequila.

Every body, especially little bodies, needs a balanced and nutritious breakfast. Forgive me if I don’t consider a bowl of cereal and milk a qualifying breakfast. Their little bodies need a solid source of protein in the form of eggs and a breakfast meat, some cottage cheese or even a turkey and cheese roll up. Not being a big proponent of highly processed breads and grains in the carbohydrate department, a piece of fruit or sprouted grain bread will cover the carb needs nicely.

Rick Lelchuk
Certified Weight Management Advisor
Miami, FL, USA

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