The Joys of Reading

Stories are a very undervalued section of Human Activity. Yet we all thrive on them in some form or the other. We all love good stories. We love to hear people speak about topics. The reasons for us humans to be at the top of the ?rganism Pyramidis our ability to think and formulate. This capacity of thinking helps us to create stories and anecdotes. The purpose of fiction is not only to entertain but to also enable a person to think about human nature and how the world works. The reader becomes one with the protagonist of the story and analyses the decisions that the protagonist makes. Good stories captivate the reader and spellbind him.

Stories/Fiction serve many purposes. Beside the obvious fact that they are a source of entertainment, there are many other reasons. Inpirational stories make us evaluate our life and how we have lived it. Then there are anecdotes where ?oralsand ?ood natureare embedded so that we can get a moral direction from them. Stories help us analyse the human psyche. Children are often told tales like ?he Panchatantra so that they can understand how things work in this world through subtle allegories. What interests me in the art of telling tales is how people can forget any situation he is in and get immersed in them. This is an interesting factor which is very crucial for many people who are stressed out. Non-fictional discourses on many things like philosophy and history are also very helpful in increasing a persons knowledge and understanding of the world. Many of us today have so many things to worry about and it would be a very exciting experience to be able to stop time and get into a novel. Everyone has experienced the pleasure and excitement after reading a really good novel. Many of these tales have changed the way we behave and this makes stories really important to everyone of us, because they are ultimately are tools of enlightenment. So, we suggest that everyone should read a really good book of their choosing and make reading a habit. If you are very busy then you could allocate some time everyday religiously towards reading. It will help cure your stress and will help in your all round development as a person.

Happy reading everyone and yes Jiyo Life to the full!

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