Positive Changes With Positive Thoughts

Changing how you do things in life can be a very daunting task. The fact of the matter is, however, that everyone has at least one area that they need to change. It could be that you need to work on your temper and how you react to others. Someone else may need to stop drinking as much, while another may need to be more outgoing in order to get a new job. Whatever it is that needs change, or tweaking in our lives we should always be striving to become better people. We are only given one chance at life, so we should make every attempt to make it the best life we possibly can.

One of the ways we can achieve change in our lives is by learning to change how we think. What I mean by this is that we are capable of changing how we think about any aspect of our lives. By changing how we think, we can effectively change how we do things as well. It may be as small as removing a couple of letters from one sentence in our head such as, “I cannot do this”, to, “I can do this.” This probably sounds very much like a simple positive thinking method. If it does, it is because in many ways it is.

I used this method of change when I talked to clients as a Work Adjustment Specialist a little over a year ago. The clients I was dealing with had various disorders such as bi-polar, schizophrenia, depression, and other various mental disorders. My job was to help them to gain a perspective and ability to become productive and effective workers in the workplace. As I talked to these people I began to see a common trait amongst all of them. The way they were thinking was very self defeating. They were essentially talking themselves out of being able to succeed. So as I counseled with them I encouraged them to try and retrain their brain into thinking more positively. Instead of thinking, “I cannot do this”, think instead, “This may be difficult, but I CAN do this.” As some of my clients began to do this, I was able to see an improvement not only in their attitude, but also in their quality of work.

It does not really matter what aspect of life you are dealing with when using this method of self-help. If you realize that change is needed on your behalf, it will take a change of attitude more than likely to ensure success. By retraining your brain into thinking more positively and not so negatively, you can nearly always overcome any obstacle in life. Let’s face it, one of the main reasons people do not even attempt change to begin with is because they believe they cannot do it. In these cases, the person must first retrain his/her brain into believing that success is even possible. Then with each hurdle faced they must continue to retrain how they think in order to continue to overcome.

One of the great things about this is that the more a person does this, the less they will have to even think about doing it. We are creatures of habit. Because of this when we do something enough times it becomes a habit of which we no longer have to think about doing. We simply just do it. So the more you think positively about you and your life, the less you will have to convince yourself of it and the more you will simply believe it.

So if you are facing having to make a change in your life right now and are hesitant about it, begin by thinking in a positive way and believing you can. Once you have convinced yourself that you are capable of making the change, be sure to keep retraining your brain each time you hit an obstacle along the way. Continually tell yourself that you are not only capable of making this change in your life, but you are worth it as well. Good luck in your journey and remember, YOU CAN DO IT!

Timothy Sweezy
Writing for me is not a profession but a passion. It is an art form that evolves with the author and is expressed for the world to see.

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