Tips on Meditation – How to Meditate

Do you need tips on meditation-how to meditate? If you are new to the practice of meditation, then this article is perfect for you. It was designed specifically with beginners to meditation in mind.

As editor of the website My Meditation Garden, I receive lots of questions from people who are curious as to meditation how to meditate, how to begin meditating and in regards to tips that I can give them to get started. To respond to all these questions, I’ve created this list. I hope you find it helpful.

Tips on meditation- How to meditate

Don’t change your breathing patterns. By this I mean that you should not breathe in and out too slowly to too quickly. You should maintain your breathing patterns as you would normally inhale and exhale.  If you breathe in and out too slowly, it will feel like a chore. If you breathe in and out too quickly, you will lose focus and will not meditate effectively.
Close your eyes. Do not meditate with your eyes open. By closing your eyes, you close your mind to distractions that you would otherwise be open and exposed to with your eyes open.
Sit on a meditation cushion or pillow. Meditating while sitting on a meditation cushion or pillow will help align your vertebra. This will help keep you from getting distracted because of pains and aches in your back caused from the bad posture during your meditation exercise.
Use a guided meditation CD.  You should try out different guided meditation CDs to have different experiences meditating. This will also help you to be able to meditate for a longer period of time. Try out different guided meditations until you find your favorite ones.
Don’t meditate on an empty stomach or after having just eaten. If you meditate when you are hungry, you will obviously be distracted by your hunger pangs. If you meditate right after eating, you will feel very sleepy while you meditate and will likely fall asleep.

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