How to Write Articles That Will Make You Money – Part One

When I first started writing articles to try and send traffic to my website, I went online to see if anyone was teaching us new folks just how to write articles that will connect with the reader and lead to a sale and therefore make you money.

There was a lot of advice out there that said to find a hungry market, see what that market is hungry for, and then give it to them. This was usually followed up with the cliché, how good of a salesman do you have to be to sell water to a guy dying of thirst in the desert? What?

Okay, what are the odds of someone having lots of water on them in the middle of the desert and come across someone with no water dying of thirst? And if you then tried to sell them that water wouldn’t that make you kind of a jerk?

More likely the person with the water is there because they know someone is going to pass by them without any water and they are seizing on an opportunity. Maybe there is a safari guide that brings tourist through this part of the desert and stops here for photo ops and every once in a while a tourist or two wonders off from the group for that once in a lifetime picture and gets lost.

That’s cool so far and follows the idea of finding a market and putting yourself in front of it with what that market wants. But, how long do you think this little niche of his is going to remain undiscovered? Most folks on African safari have a lot of money and if they need life saving water they will probably pay a pretty penny for it.

So, in comes the competition only the next guy is selling his water cheaper than you are, or worse, he is selling a sports drink with electrolytes and salts vital for rehydration…these lost folks do need to walk back out of the dessert so plain old water just will not cut it.

And then you get the guy who says well these folks are lost, how about I point them in the right direction to get them home and give them a free compass with their sports drink purchase?

And then… Well, you need to go to part two to find out who one ups the guy with the compass and what all this has to do with article marketing that connects with the reader and makes you money.

It is no secret that you need an effective plan of action to get you from dead broke to making your very first dollar online It doesn’t seem like that long of a journey, but without a detailed map and adequate instruction and education you will find yourself walking in circles.

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