The Pursuit of MY Happiness

Do you have a business idea? Are you skeptical or have fear of how to take an idea and actually turn it into a business? My suggestion is “Go for it”. If you have a dream don’t let outside factors hinder you from making it a reality. My mother always told me…”if you don’t try, you will never know”. I call this the “What if” factor. I’ve certainly had my fair share of jobs. From selling insurance, working for a software company, mortgage loan officer and most recently a technical recruiter.

No matter what I did I always put my best foot forward and gave it my all. I look back and see those jobs as stepping stones to where I am now. If I hadn’t studied to obtain my insurance license and take a stab as an independent insurance agent, I would have looked back and said to myself, “what if?” Do you see where I am going with this? For the past few years I found a career that I actually enjoyed and was proud of and that was recruiting. Basically, I would identify job seekers and place them in jobs within the IT and Gaming industry. Boy, did I learn quick this business can be cut throat. As a technical recruiter I had a lot of competition just like other professions. Since I focused on a specific geographic area, I was competing with other recruiters in contacting the same candidates essentially.

After awhile I realized I wanted and needed to transition myself from the competition. But how would I do this? Since I took my job seriously, I decided to focus on actually helping candidates by listening to them and providing them with my personal stories and advice. I wanted to simply establish a working relation not just tell them about a job, submit them, and hope the client comes back requesting an interview. Over time, I built a reputable network of candidates some of which I consider true friends today. You see, I wanted to do what most of my competition was not doing and that was giving candidates respect.

In May of this year I lost my job. What was I going to do now? I said to myself. I took this opportunity to build a website and start my business offering resume writing and career guidance services. The website has been launched, and expect to go live next week. Do I plan on becoming wealthy from offering this type of service? No, I don’t. But if I can help individuals by providing a personal brand and craft a well-written resume that accurately emphasizes their knowledge, skills and experience, then that will truly make me happy. When I placed someone in a job, contract or direct, it made me feel good because I know I was making a difference. And that is my focus my this business is to provide resume writing and career guidance to individuals and maybe I will help people achieve their goals.

Rob Bertino
Founder, CEO

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