A Review of the Total Gym

There are a lot of products for at home workouts but few have achieved the level of respect found for the Total Gym. The popular infomercials starring Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley helped to show the world how it will work to get anyone in shape.

The Total Gym has a long history of physical fitness and has been around since 1974. It truly functions as an all-in-one piece of exercise equipment for at home users. Allowing them to stretch, strength train, increase flexibility, trim pounds, and inches as well as do Pilates training. The glide board makes it easy to lift a percentage of your body weight against gravity and the adjustable incline will help you build endurance and strength. The Total Gym is designed to work out every muscle group in the body, using one machine. It has achieved almost cult like status, being used by celebrities, personal trainers, and athletes, hospitals and found in commercial gyms all across the country.

For the at home user there are a number of different models to choose from. The Total Gym 3000 is often featured in infomercials and is an affordable option, offering enough variety for beginning exercises, and advanced users. One of the biggest benefits of the product is that no assembly is required; the Total Gym will arrive at your home in full working order. The extended warranty includes a lifetime warranty on the products frame and the 60-day money back guarantee if the product does not meet your standards should reassure customers that the at home gym delivers.

Why is the Total Gym Unique?

This gym is unique because it allows users to work out their entire bodies in just 15 to 20 minutes a day. Users love the fact that the Total Gym can be folded up and stored in their closets or out of sight when not in use, to free up valuable floor space. The Total Gym is also less stressful on the joints of the body then running or walking outside and the machine allows you to do all the same exercises found at the gym but using only one machine, making it more convenient and cheaper than having a monthly gym membership.

With the ability to choose over 80 exercises and change the resistant level you add a lot of variety to your exercise program and prevent boredom. It also manufactures exercise videos that can be used to get the most out of the exercise machine and maintain a varied workout plan.

A number of different accessories can also be added to the fitness machine in order to customize your workout.

– The AbCrunch accessory allows user to add several new exercises to help flatten and sculpt the stomach.

– A weight bar can be added to aid in building muscle and add up to 75 pounds for resistance.

– A press up bar is a popular addition for strengthening the upper back and triceps.

Dorthy Weatherbush is a personal trainer who has recommended at home gyms like The Total Gym to many of her clients, particularly the higher end clients. While at home gyms like The Total Gym are great for losing weight, she says that they are not a necessity.

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