The True Pursuit of Happiness

The one true common aspect of humanity seems to be the pursuit of happiness. No matter how diverse people may be, no matter how culturally different they may seem and no matter how economically far apart they are, the one common factor that binds them together is the want and need to feel true happiness. Human beings go to great lengths and cross many metaphorical oceans and mountains everyday in order to get even a small brief taste of it.

Happiness however is not as elusive as many people think it to be. Many people seem to equate happiness with undeserving characteristics like wealth, power and even success. Being raised in this modern materialistic world crushes a persons true idea of bliss transforming it into an unending want of material possessions. Right from childhood, ideas of jealously and hatred are instilled into us with swift precision. We’re taught to value our material possessions and cherish them right from school.

Thus we can never truly be happy as long as we equate our happiness with the amount and quality of our earthly possessions. Most of the religions we know have already understood this concept and therefore we have famous religious quotes like “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” This does not mean that people should forgo all material possessions; rather they should try to wane off reliance from them. How many of us can do with our gadgets like out phones, computers, game consoles and music players? How many of us have sat in absolute silence and actually tried to find mental peace? How many of us truly even know ourselves.

I urge everyone reading this to take a small part of their busy week and for once, do absolutely nothing with it. Don’t work, don’t play, no computer, no music and no external entertainment. Just sit in a quiet place surrounded by nature and let go of everything that worries you. The day you can truly block out all thoughts from you head, you will know yourself a little better and be that much closer to mental peace.

Desmond Armando Frias invites all readers to take up a pen and paper and begin writing articles of their own. The world can never have too many writers.

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