Yoga For Neck Pain

Did you know that neck pain and spinal pain are interrelated? In medical terminology neck pain that affects the cervical spine is called ‘Cervical Apondylosis’. This pain can spread over to both sides of the shoulder joints. in certain cases, the pain can be in both the arms and also in the arm joints.

In the medical system of treatment, the patient is given medicines, heat compression and a collar on the neck. These medicinal aides provide some relief to the patient. Nevertheless, from my experience of dealing with chronic neck pains suffered by my students, Yoga postures have proven to be much more effective.

Causes and cures

There are several reasons that can cause neck pain. It could be due to the regular use of a very high pillow under the head while sleeping. Another reason could also be keeping the head bent in a particular posture for long hours instead of keeping it erect. Sometimes due to the rigidity of the muscles and nerves in the neck and shoulder areas which obstruct the proper circulation of the blood can result in a stiff neck pain.

Yogic methods of treatment imply:

Taking proper diet
Correcting errors and faulty habits
Practicing some selected Yoga Asanas – The rigidity of the muscles and the condition of defective circulation of blood will be automatically corrected through the practice of Yoga

Here I have listed 4 of the most effective Asanas and how to perform them to aid and ease any neck problems:

1. Trikona Asana

Stand erect facing forward with your arms by your side.
Step your legs out sideways to a distance of more than a shoulder’s width or to a comfortable distance of 2 ½’ or wider. The wider you step your legs out, the more intense the stretch.
Raise your hands, palms facing downwards, to shoulder level.
Inhale; turn your hips, body and arms to your right. Make sure your body is aligned and straight
Exhale; bend your upper body from the hips and bring your left hand and place it behind your right ankle
Raise your right arm above your head, palms facing forward. Keeping it aligned to your body.
Gaze at your right palm.
Inhale; return to position as in step 4
Turn and face forward as in step 3 and bring your arms down to your sides.

2. Bhujangasana

Lie flat on your abdomen. Your forehead and chest should be resting on the floor and the soles of your feet facing up.
Place your palms facing down close to your chest. Tuck your elbows in.
Inhale; tilt your neck up first.
Then, raise your chest. Hold your breath for a few seconds here.
Keep your elbows bent. Elbows should be pointing to your derrière.
Exhale; drop your chest and head to the floor slowly.
Relax your body and repeat five to six times.

3. Jalandhar bandah (Chin Lock):

Breathe in and bend you neck downwards while pressing your chin to your throat
Do not apply to much force whilst pressing your neck on your throat
Breathe out and return to the normal position

4. Neck Rotation:

Rotate you neck clockwise, ensuring a complete circle in a slow pace
Repeat the same anti-clockwise

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