Zumba Clothing – What is the Best Workout Clothes to Wear

Is Zumba clothing important? Whether you are doing an aerobic or cardio class the correct attire can make your workouts easier. And it’s no different with Zumba. There are so many different styles, brands, fabrics and types available today that the task of choosing the proper work-out clothes can be somewhat daunting. Besides everyone has their own personal favorites. Here are some of my favorite dance work out apparel that I personally where in all my classes.

One last thing, many of our existing customers are wearing just any old garment to their classes. We used to do the same thing but what we found is that when you wear clothing that is not only comfortable to workout in but that you look good in, you will enjoy your workouts more! Recent studies suggest that you are more apt to continue your exercise program if you have the proper attire and are happy with the way you look in your workout clothes.

Besides Zumba is all about having fun. So take a little time and find the right cargo pants, tank tops and other apparel to maximize your experience.

Zumba Cargo Pants

It is important to have comfortable pants that move with you. Clothing that restricts your movement is not advised. You need to have exercise clothing that moves with you. These should also be made of a breathable stuff. A newer fabric out today is Supplex. Supplex is a fully breathable fabric that is soft and feels like cotton but made to stretch with you and go right back into place time after time. This fabric does not pill either.

This material also keeps its color very well wash after wash and dries quicker than cotton. This is one type of exercise material we recommend. Another good material you will really like is Dri Fit®. In our opinion, it holds it’s shape well and keeps moisture away from your body. Another option are the very hip and very popular cargo pants that you see many of the instructors wear on the videos.

They are available in a tremendous array of vibrant colors and sizes and styles. The “hipster” style has a little narrower leg and a shorter rise. They also carry plus size workout clothing.

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