Meditation for beginners

Meditation is and art, it is a divine skill of capturing all your senses and focusing them to one point, to the self. It requires the submission of one self; it requires the gathering of the mind and the heart and submerges their presence into one. It helps to bring out calm, a feeling of sincere happiness and control. It reduces unparalleled anxiety and qualms. It purifies ones aura and helps a mind simplify itself.


As fascinating as it sounds, this art requires perseverance and patience to master. It demands focus and self-control. I have always witnessed how an individual, who has meditated, has accomplished to win over himself, his emotions, his whims and fancies. Fortunately, if you have wanted to be a part of this, there are numerous ways a beginner can make this work.


Firstly, give yourself to understand that, there are many levels of inner state of mind that can be achieved in Meditation. The higher the levels, the greater the benefits, therefore when you start out remember to stay committed and bring it in implementation.


Start out first, by breathing. Breathe in and breathe out. Slowly and deeply, as it stabilizes heart beat and fills in inner peace and better self-indulgence. Next, lie down or sit down on the floor mat and stretch. Stretching the muscles, eases out the tension and adds more devotion to yourself and your body. Now, one has to realize that focusing all energies to a point can be vexing and it requires forbearance. If this gets the best of you, then breathe and focus on your breath. To achieve a state of oneness and peace, if not same for all, try testing with different positions such as lying down or sitting with crossed legs etc.


Try setting up a whole scenario in a room tranquil enough for meditation. The key to achieving benefits out of meditation is contingent on your skill to endure it as long as possible.





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