Different Ways To Earn Income Writing Articles

I’m not going to say I’m a full time article writer, since I’m a full time student. But I do love to write articles every chance I get. I guess I do it for the thrill of it. Maybe  I suffer from ADD and that’s why I don’t like to write all my articles on one particular topic, but I can write an article on just about anything I want within 15 minutes or so. The reason I write articles are for 2 reasons. The first reason is because I love doing it and the second reason is because they drive leads and eventually sales to my websites.

You can choose whether you want to write articles for yourself or if you’d rather do it for others. In many cases writing articles for others can earn you some extra income. You can charge anywhere from $ 5.00 to $ 20.00 per article depending on the length and quality of the article. If you are a fast typer and have a great grasp of english you can probably crank out 5 – 10 articles each day and get $ 5.00 to $ 10.00 per article. It’s not going to pay you a fortune but writing for others could provide you with a modest supplementary income that could cover your car payment and frivolous bills that keep piling in. Some students like to write for others as a free lancer because it puts much needed cash in their pockets and covers stuff like gas, books and party money.

But I think if you write for others you might want to check yourself and ask yourself why aren’t you writing for yourself? If you’re working for someone else as their article writer why not find out more about what they are doing and see if maybe you could do something similar for yourself. I’m not against working for anyone else, but that’s not really my goal. My goal is to make enough walk away income that will eventually pay my rent and other bills and even allow me to save money each month, and to do this all from the internet. I told myself a while back I don’t care how hard it is I’m going to be persistent until I get what I want and deserve, and that’s a bill free life without having to answer to anyone but myself.

I don’t mind working any more than the next guy, but writing takes time, patience and it does take something out of you. I believe that each time a writer drafts an article, some of their talent and soul go right along with that article. If you can aggregate links to your blogs and websites each time you wrote one than your time spent writing it would be worth it. So I think working for others is okay if the situation demands it, but always investigate opportunities on the internet that will eventually allow you to break away from your boss and start working for yourself. There’s no shortage of good opportunities out there, and they seem to be even more plentiful as the economy gets worse, because everyone is looking for a quick fix to solve their various woes.

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