The Difference Between Led Tube And Led Floodlight

Summary : As many people do not know the difference between the led tube and led floodlight ,today let we discuss the difference between the led spotlight and led floodlight , please read the contents ad below :

1.What is a Led tube ?
Led Tube ,it is normally used to some building illumination and commercial illumination .The case also is round As it must be considered the cooling problem , so the case have some difference than the Led flood light .

2.The features of the flood light
Currently , in the market ,the led flood light normal made by the highpower 1W led lights as the light sources .(every led comments will be made by a PMMA high light lens,the main function is to issue secondary distribution LED light, which is called the secondary optics.),also a little company use the 3W high power or more high power led lights to produce the led flood light depend on the high technology of cooling .it fit for some large area and big building for illuminations .

3.What we have to consider about the led floodight ?
A.High purity aluminium reflector beam the most accurate, reflection the best results.
B.Symmetrical narrow angle,wide angle and optical system with non-sysmmetry
C.Behind to open-type lamp replacement ,simple maintenance .
D.Lamp are easy to adjust the exposure with the angle scale plate .
Depend on controler of the built-in chips ,the led floodlight can be used in some smaller preject area witout contoler system ,it also can achieve gradual change ,transition ,color blinking ,random blinking anternating gradient and other dynamic effects Spiral Wound Gasket,

4.what is the led foodlight ?
Led floodlight is a uniform irradiation than can point to the light in all of directions.Its irradiation area can be adjusted,in irradiation area ,it displayed as a octahedral picture.Led floodlight is the most widely light sources that in making the figure .The standard led floodlight is used to irradiate all of the area ,in this area , if use many of led floodlight to irradiate ,it can make a good effects.The led flood light can irradiate from a special point to every directions .If we thought it is a bulb or candle ,it is the best choice to explain that . The led floodlight can be put anywhere in this scene.For example ,it can be put in a place that can be taken by the camera ,or put in some objects .In the scene, it is usually to use the many different led floodlight from a far distance .These led floodlight can be projected and fixed the dark onto the mould .As the irradiated place is a bit big ,So the effects of the led floodlight can be easy to forecast ,and also this lights have many other using way ,for example ,if you put the led floodlight near a object face ,then it will be make a high brightness on the object .

5.What you want pay attention Fiber Optic Splice Closure/ when you use the led floodlight ?
Here ,you should pay attention about the led floodlight when you use it , do not use too many ledflood light or the effects will be displayed normal and torpid .So when you make the effective pictures, pay more attention about the led floodlight specifications ,it would be better for you to make a good effective pictures .

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