Thoughts On Internet Marketing

Webmasters and bloggers are constantly trying to learn everything they can about free internet marketing. It has been around since the creation of the internet and when mastered can let the people who master it earn money online. The first thing you need to understand is there are many factors when marketing online. The primary focus should be on organic traffic from the primary search engines Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These three carry the load of search traffic and if you rank well for a highly competitive term you will begin receiving large amounts of traffic and easily earn money online. Ranking well in the major search engines will not be done quickly or easily so be prepared to work hard and consistently. If you want to be successful online especially with internet marketing set up a long term plan. Online business in general needs time before you reach the full potential and internet marketing is no different. The usual time frame for ranking well in the major search engines is around a year.

Another great tool for those wanting traffic is using social websites both networking and bookmarking. When used appropriately these types of websites are great for building interactive traffic. Usually the organic traffic that you get will come look at your info click on ads and be done with your website. The traffic you get from social websites will be much less likely to click on ads or affiliate programs, but more likely to subscribe, follow you on twitter, or befriend you on facebook. Many think that this traffic is not worth going after, but they are great if you need exposure. Search traffic is much easier to monetize, but less likely to retweet your posts or site. When you want to do well in the major social websites the best way is spending quality time on a select few. The two social networking websites that should be part of your campaign is facebook and twitter. On these you need to spend time posting quality content rather than link after link. Retweet others and actually interact on facebook.

When wanting to rank well on social bookmarking websites you should apply the same theories. Do not spend a little time on many bookmarking websites, but rather pick out a few which you really like and spend a lot of time on these few. The majority of social bookmarking websites allow you to leave comments, send friend requests, and interact in other ways. If you only submit your posts or articles to these websites you will quickly see the lack of interaction with your content and the community. On the other hand if you spend time building a network on these bookmarking websites you will find when you submit a piece of content it will receive much more votes and interaction within the community.

The final piece of advice I would like to offer those wanting traffic is thinking of new ways to market your presence. The best internet marketing, link building, and website promotion is when you do something that has not been done. Learning traditional internet marketing is great, but after you learn the basics try thinking of ways to promote your presence that is unorthodox. You can either take a traditional marketing method and expand it or think of something completely original.

My name is Kris Beus blogger of Make Money Blogging and Free Internet Marketing.

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