There Are Two Ways You Can Go About Writing Articles

Now I’m sure many of the most famous and or notorious of bloggers and article writers will disagree with me and might have many different angles and additions to what I’m about to express, but as I see it there really are only two ways to go about writing an article.

The first maybe be broken down in to several steps, but I refer to it more as a technical and sniper like targeting style. For fun I’ll call it the tactical approach.

You start by figuring out who you want to target. You delve in to their psyche, you try to think as they are thinking. You start carving away until you find the ultimate keywords in your arsenal that will attract such an audience in the particular niche that you have chosen.

You then begin to formulate possible topics or valuable information you think that they might be yearning for to solve their deepest most intimate problems. Your intent is to ease their pain and suffering while offering them some tips to alleviate such pain, and ultimately eradicating their suffering with the product you just happen to offer.

You put together the step by step process, that marches along one, two, three, four, that has helped you many times to show case that you empathize with them, because you yourself have walked that same path before. You figure out ways to carefully place your keywords through out your article, just enough not to be annoying, but plenty enough for the search engines to pick up on your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.

If your preparations and planning have been carried out correctly you’ll have endeared several more readers both to your name and to your products. Their trust in you will grow and you’ll continue on to fight another day.

The second is a completely different style. There maybe some research to facts involved, however, the over all technique is completely different.

The author of the second style spends little time with keyword research, discovering niches, and mind melds with such a target audience. This second style I’ll refer to as the emotional approach.

You are simply moved to write. You write from the heart. Your intended target is anyone who is willing to listen to your message, for you write with total emotion and or passion. You have perhaps the same objectives, but more often that not the two techniques are but night and day.

Your niche maybe more yourself reflected in a mirror than anyone particular group of people. Eventually your niche will find you more than you locating a niche. You write what you feel is important and believe their is someone out there that will resonate with what you have put down in writing.

You will write with certain examples and stories of how your tips, systems, or processes have affected you, your business, your results. You will engage the reader with pictures in their head and light bulbs shining about. Your empathy will shine through, your readers will be able to see themselves in your stories, they will see you in theirs. They will know that you are their to help them and alleviate their pain and suffering that they have so long endured.

Your goal was no different than the first approach. The only difference is how you came to the same conclusion. To earn a little more notoriety, and little more trust and a little more sustenance to continue to carry on.

Neither approach is wrong nor right. Both will convey to different types of people and at different times for the same people. My main point is more to showcase that if you’re constantly struggling with one style of writing then maybe you should look to the other and it might bring about a while new world for you.

Perhaps at times it would be a good lesson to have the same topic and write it from both approaches. As comments and views come in you can compare the results. I’m sure certain items learned from one style can be introduce to make the other that more affective, you will grow as an author.


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