Spring Garden Ideas

Spring is on its way and for many of us and that means getting our green thumbs ready for the spring season of gardening. This is the time of blooming and new growth so it’s also a great time to begin treating your plants and flowers to help them get a healthy start in the new season. It can also be a good time to plant new flowers although it’s important to check and be sure it is the right season for the ones you are choosing.

What are some great flowers and plants to consider for your spring garden?

1. Chrysanthemums

2. Pansies

3. Azaleas

4. Holly

5. Rhododendrons

What are some other ways you can care for your garden and lawn with spring approaching? Try Treetone of Planttone on your flowering trees, trees and similar plants. Now is the time to compost your perennial beds and maybe add some Flowertone to them as well. Do the weeding, raking, sowing and tilling if need be and get your spring garden looking fresh and rejuvenated.

You can also add compost to your annual beds and get started on weeding. Even if you use herbicide, you may still want to go through by hand, especially the first time and remove weeds as much as you can. Clean up the beds that may have gotten overgrown or in disarray during the cooler months.

You can also prevent bugs and pests from harming your garden by starting prevention early. You won’t usually need to use harsh or strong pesticides if you tackle the problem early and keep it under control. Try horticultural soaps and oils first to see if these products help remove the pests without having to use harsher chemicals in your gardens.

This is also a fabulous time to spruce up your garden with great spring décor items such as:

• Garden signs

• Decorative fencing

• Garden statues

• Decorative rocks

• Birdhouses

• Patio and garden benches or furniture

• Ponds and fountains

What you do with your garden is totally up to you but spring is a great time to renovate and clean out the clutter- inside and out. Why not make your garden a great place to start?

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