Writing Articles That Compel Your Reader to TAKE ACTION

Why do you write articles?  Is it just to get your voice out there or do you want to gain visitors to your website and eventually customers who buy what you have to offer them?

If you are on-line to make money,  then you are running a business,  no matter how you look at it.  So,  your goal when writing articles is to compel your readers to take some kind of action,  whether it is to sign up for a free newsletter,  follow you on your blog,  or to view a sales page that you have put up.

In short,  you are writing articles to make money.  How do you write articles that will compel your readers to take action?

1.  Write a headline that captures attention.  A lot of times when I read someone’s article and I can tell that they just don’t get it,  their headline is the first thing that I notice that they should change.  Yes,  your title IS a headline.  The same rules apply as they do on a website sales page.  You have to invoke some kind of emotion in your reader so that they do indeed,  click on your title and read your article.

2.  Create unique and informative content.  Once they have gone from noticing your heading to reading your article,  the next thing that you must do is to keep their attention by providing informative content that has your own unique flavor to it.  You don’t want to write the same 5 weight loss tips that EVERYONE has already written about.

3.  Once you have done the first two things,  the next thing that you must do is to create a resource box that contains a call to action.  A simple question can often be more than enough to keep them in motion to move from your article to your website.

Article marketing and writing articles is a great way to gain customers and build your own database of subscribers,  but you must get them to READ your article and then CLICK THROUGH to your website.

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