Some Motivational Thoughts For You

Self help motivation techniques are something that everyone needs to get unpleasant tasks done. Most of us have wonderful ideas, but lack the motivation to put our ideas into actions.

We are all guilty of putting our lives and goals on hold when something less important catches our attention. Sometimes we also lack the energy to do what we actually need to be doing, or put off getting started on a difficult task. Even highly motivated people have times when they just can’t get going with something. There are of course solutions and techniques, and I have stumbled upon six of the best self motivation techniques that work, just as long as you are motivated enough to use them.

1. Talking is a great way to motivate you. Tell someone what you are going to do, and you will then also motivate yourself to actually take action and do it. If you have a really uninspiring task to do, then try talking about the larger goals that doing this task will help you to achieve.

2. Picture the unpleasant stuff that will happen by not acting. Imagine all the bad things that will come about if you don’t do the task at hand.

3. Stimulate your desire by seeing the end result in your mind. Picture your potential future to help you to get going. If you are a good salesman, you can make your customer visualize his future with the product that you are selling. So be your own salesman and motivate yourself to make your dreams become reality.

4. Make sure you are passionate about what you are doing. If you have no interest in your work, it will be very difficult to motivate yourself to do anything. Get past the unpleasant tasks by picturing the end result of doing that particular task. Relate the task clearly to your final objective.

5. Take on one small bite sized task at a time. Breaking your larger tasks down into smaller more manageable portions will make it easier for you to get something done.

6. You need enough energy to finish your work. Watch that you are getting a balanced diet and enough rest and relaxation time. Watch your caffeine and sugar intake, as too much of these can sap your energy levels. Find some energy boosters that work for you to give you sustained energy to get done with all the tasks at hand.

Next time you are feeling stressed and unmotivated, implement some of the above techniques. Now it is up to you to motivate yourself into using the advice above. When all else fails a good laugh will work wonders to revitalize and energize you, as well as control those feelings of being overwhelmed and swamped.

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