Prevent Diabetes And Stay Healthy

Maintain your weight. Try to lose about ten pounds and to maintain a healthy and normal weight for your age group. Losing even just a little bit of weight with a proper diet and exercise can keep your body in tip top shape and prevent diabetes.

Exercise daily. If that means you need to start walking more places than you drive, opt for that in order to increase the number of insulin receptors that develop on your cells, thereby directing blood sugar to move into the proper cells that will give your body energy and nutritive elements. By doing this, the blood sugar doesn’t linger in your body causing dangerous effects and ultimately diabetes and other problems.

Try to incorporate a daily salad into your diet. Studies show that two tablespoons of vinegar, consumed before eating a high-carb meal can significantly slow down carbohydrate digestion. The acetic acid content can have the same effects has those of the blood sugar and can protect your body. Thus, eating salads with vinegar based dressings, such as Italian, can boost your chances to prevent diabetes.

Eating healthy is important for every meal. For breakfast, try having high fiber cereals. Also make sure that the grains in the cereal are whole grains, whole oats, whole rice, otherwise these grains have been refined and altered and will not be as healthy. Check the ingredients and be on the sugar alert for words like brown sugar, high fructose corn syrup, malt syrup, maltose, and dextrose, because often those words hide the real sugar content of the cereal. Avoid these cereals because of their rich sugar content and opt instead for the grainy, healthy, wholesome boxes that will not only be better for you, but might assist in helping you shed some of those pesky pounds.

With breakfast, indulge in a hot cup of coffee. Studies show that those who drink more than six cups daily of caffeine rich coffee experience a lower risk of diabetes. The coffee contains potassium, magnesium, and a number of antioxidants that will help your body absorb the sugar and cut your chances of getting diabetes.

Part of eating healthy means changing your entire diet. Avoid going to fast food places and indulging in burgers and fries, all loaded with fat and carbs and sugars. Instead of having greasy fried chicken for a snack, keep a bag of your favorite mixed trail mix or some nut bars or some vegetables or fruit. Moreover, eating vegetables and fruit as a part of your daily meal is very important, and red meat should be avoided because of its high levels of cholesterol.

Another helpful ingredient to add to your diet is cinnamon. Research shows that cinnamon can reduce the blood sugar content in your body and even lower cholesterol in your body, as well as blood fats that could cause diabetes.

Finally, be sure that you try to relax after a stressful day and to recuperate from the battery of daily life. Stress causes your body to take action but this can also make your blood sugars go wild, causing diabetes. Simply taking an hour or two each day to relax and unwind will reduce your chances of getting diabetes greatly.

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