Meditation and Good Karma

To my mind one of the best ways to have good karma is to meditate. Many people see meditation as a way to calm the mind, relieve stress, and improve concentration. It does these things. It can also make good karma as meditation is the basis of right thinking which leads to right action. Here I’m going to show you my style of meditation. It is not the only way, but it is, definitely, a way.

Thinking and action are tied into the universal law of karma. Karma is created by our thoughts and actions. Since bad karma only results in negative environments, bad associations, and ill fortune it makes sense to have a plan to consciously be aware of what we are doing so our results are in harmony with the way we truly want to live.

A good way to handle this is to have a regular meditation or spiritual practice. Worrying about if every thought or action gives you good karma is going to give you a headache and create more stress. Instead meditate so your thoughts and actions naturally go in the direction you want and your good karma, as a result of your established meditation discipline, happens automatically.

My meditation style includes three major parts. You want to cover all of these because what you are looking for is manifesting results from all three. Here they are.

Meditation for yourself.
Meditation for others.
Meditation for the creator, higher life force, the prime mover ( call it what you want).

The reasoning behind this is that you wish to give something of yourself in meditation. So naturally, as a result of the universal law of every result has a cause, action where you cannot have an action without a reaction, the energy you give out must come back to you.

This works if you have a sincere mind and heart and, although not perfect, you do it with the best intent you possibly have. Meditation is a great self improvement tool. It assists your evolution and the evolution of others. It also help the evolution of higher beings such as those beings with energy frequencies higher than the people on the earth plane.

If your luck is bad that is a sign from the universe that you’re getting back what you put in. So if you want a different kind of luck you’re going to need to put in a different kind of energy. Meditation is one of the fastest ways to do this. I ask you at least have a look at it and then decide for yourself if meditation is for you. Then I will be able to say to you, good luck, and good karma.

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