Important Little Things Women Always Notice In Men – Here Is Something No Man Is Aware Of

If you ask men as to what are the little things that they usually notice about girls, you will have answers like “her curvy buttocks, or her huge breast”. It is sad, but it is the truth. This is actually one of the main reasons why guys cannot seem to touch base with the girl of their dreams.

Men, as if naturally programmed, only appreciate physical beauty. Women however, are not like that. They see far beyond the physical aspect of a man and they have an eye regarding the little things that most men tend to overlook. If you want her to remain attracted towards you, you must pay attention to the important little details here listed. Read on and find out what they are.

Your Eyes – Girls frequently look men in the eye not just because they like to. They also do this so that they can read their partner’s true intentions. If you flutter your eyes towards other girls inside the room or you cannot seem to maintain eye contact with her, then she will automatically assume that you are not genuinely interested in her. Remember to gaze dreamily into her eyes constantly and give her a sexy twinkle so that you can keep the spark alive.

Your Body Language – Women will notice if you are agitated, nervous, bored or excited by reading your body language. Stand with confidence and pair it with a sincere smile, so that you appear pleasing every time you are with her or every time she sees you.

Your Authority – If you wish to stay in control of your relationship, then never let down your guard. Remain dominant. Girls will notice if there is a slip in your authority and if she sees this, she now becomes the commander and you do not want that to happen, right?

Your Clothes – Although this may sound less trivial, women will also notice it when you start dressing differently. A change in wardrobe can do you good if you want to keep her attracted to you.

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