Can I Save My Marriage Little Things Can Make A Big Difference

It is really depressing to veiw couples that still love one another but can’t seem to be capable of keeping their relationship on the proper track. Many consider divorce instead of going through a battle of trying to save their marriage. Depending on the situation just about every marriage can be saved if both parties are prepared to work on the problems that cause so much conflict. If there is kids involved you truly want to look at the affects that a divorce will have on them mentally.

Marriage is a glorious partnership shared by two people. The key statement is Partnership. It takes both of you to make a marriage work, one can’t do it by yourself. In order to make a fit marriage each person has to work every bit as hard as the other in order to keep the fire in the relationship alive. This is the fire that allows us to need and desire our partner. When couples feel that they are no longer attracted to each other, a break up is probably in the making. I am not speaking just about physical attraction, there is several things that attract people to one another. This is why it is crucial to work on what the attraction is in the relationship, which will lead you to desire your partner.

Little things can make a big difference in helping to restore the fire in a relationship. For an example, writing a little I love you note and leaving it by the coffee pot. Imagine how you would feel to discover a note all along saying I love you. It probably would feel good right? Its in our nature to need someone in our lives that cares for us. Try purchasing a simple card to help express your feelings, or maybe buy flowers sometimes. You seriously don’t have to spend alot of money to prove to someone that you love them, its the little things that they cherish most.

At least once a day you really should tell your partner how you truly feel. The best way is by flat out telling them how much love and need them. These things are what keep couples together forever and also are things that we all want to here. By doing little things for your partner it will allow both of you to remain interested and in love with each other. Before intertaining the thouhgt of a divorce, give love a chance and work towards saving that beautiful marriage you both wanted to begin with.

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